Thứ Sáu, 9 tháng 1, 2015

Backward Day 2015

Backward Day takes place on January 31, 2015. It is a day to do everything backwards. There are different ways to celebrate this day: walk backward, put your clothes on backward, walk backward, try to write, or speak, or read backwards. Backward is then defined as the opposite direction to forward.

There is hardly any document mentioning the origin of Backward Day. It seems like this custom has been formed for hundred years, was originated from the fact that people want to do something to escape from the winter and welcome the spring. After long history, those weird activities were gathered to form an official day for them all. That is Backward Day.

Thứ Hai, 1 tháng 12, 2014

Three Kings Day 2015

The 6th of January will be on a Tuesday and it shall be Three Kings Day 2015. It marks the day which many centuries ago, the famous biblical three kings arrived in Bethlehem to see and adore the new born baby Jesus. Three Kings Day comes 12 days after Christmas and it helps mark the ending of the Christmas season. It is also known as “The Manifestation of God”, “The Manifestation of Magi” or “Feast of Epiphany”. Some people say it signifies the taking down of Christmas trees and decorations and this is a family tradition that is passed on through generations.

The three kings who were also known as Magi or Wise men followed a star through the desert for 12 days to find the divine child in Bethlehem. Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior were their names and they represented Africa, Arabia and Europe respectively. They travelled by elephant, camel and horse to present the new born baby with three gifts that were symbolic and these were gold, myrrh and frankincense. On this day, a grand feast is held to pay homage to the Magi. In most parts of the world, it has remained to be a holiday of great importance.

Thứ Ba, 25 tháng 11, 2014

Martin Luther King 2015

Some holidays or recognition days have been about getting but Martin Luther King 2015 Day specifically was a call to serve by a life that did nothing but serve. The man haunts us with questions and with his assassination. A life that accomplished the nearly impossible with nonviolence and ended with violence leaving unfinished business. But like him his flock inside and outside the church continued on by ensuring civil rights became fully engaged every Martin Luther King 2015 Day.

The Idea Became a Holiday: A Federal holiday the day falls on the third Monday of January. A Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. used unusual means to make a point against racial segregation. It all went much deeper than that. The movement took on a life of its own as the idea of equality spread into developing policies and laws that created more fair systems. Though his original way and idea have lessened the movement still raises its head in time of need such as in the marriage equality making the courthouse rounds presently.